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New claymation - Voice actors needed

2008-03-04 03:08:12 by dumassstudios

Hey its dumassstudios

I have been thinking of making a new evil creature part which involves heaps more killing and it being longer

So thats what I'm going to do!

The evil creature part 6 will be out as soon as I have the time to make it. I will start a script soon so If you want to voice act then I will send it to you. Speaking of voice actors I might need about 4 - 6 to do some voices so If you want post a comment on this post or PM me. In this part I'm thinking of making it have flashbacks showing how the creature was created and have the creature have bionic shit put in him which makes him come back and go on a killing spree.

A new sergeant will be leading a whole bunch of marines to kill the creature so I hope it will be epic. I'll try and put as much violence as possible in this part with guts being ripped out and heads eaten. I will also take more care in this part. I will try and make smooth animation and have background music to add the "theme" of the movie. I hope this will be good and I will also bring Jase back to kill the creature. The sales guy from part 3 will be back (even though he died) and some other characters will be added into the series. In this I will try to have sets in this so It isn't just on a kitchen bench. But it might start off on the bench. The camera will also be better quality since I got a new one.

I also will add in more jokes to the series and I might try and get some NG celebrities to do some voices. (I have my sources) As good friends with JAZZA I might ask him to do a voice. I would of got mindchamber but he is in jail now so damn.

If you haven't seen the series check them out

The evil creature part 1

The evil creature part 2
The evil creature part 3
The evil creature part 4
The evil creature part 5

Well thats about it from me at the moment so Enjoy it when it comes out!


New claymation - Voice actors needed


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2008-03-04 03:16:26

I would do some voice acting but i suck i think
ask sprintt
he's good

dumassstudios responds:

ok thanks


2008-03-04 04:28:50

dude can l be one of your voice actors l got a mic

dumassstudios responds:

if it is good quality


2008-03-04 04:33:50

blurry photo is blurry

dumassstudios responds:

Thats coz it was my old camera and it is zoomed in


2008-03-04 06:29:54

I can voice act. Just give me a PM and a few lines.

dumassstudios responds:

When I finish the script I'll send


2008-03-04 11:55:28

I'll be the best put of all this comments!
1.i can chang my voice quite alot
2.i run my own clay mations and i know what i'm doing in them!
so pick me!

ps:how did jazza get into jail? or is that a joke!

(Updated ) dumassstudios responds:

no mindchamber is in jail, I was talking to JAZZA on msn last night he made a new music page - check it out - ksmusic


2008-03-04 12:54:26

I can voice-act some stupid guy,but i doubt that.
Oh well,Nice One!

dumassstudios responds:

ok if you want to be in then I will send you the lines when I'm done


2008-03-04 16:33:59

I'll be a voice actor.

dumassstudios responds:

add me on msn -


2008-03-04 17:10:02

I'm still available for voice acting ;-)

dumassstudios responds:

cool I will keep in contact


2008-03-04 19:09:47

Im up for acting..


2008-03-04 19:39:36

seems like the claymation will turn out well. good luck with those voicce actors.

also, i know a guy that has the username "fork" he is aka as "dumass7" or something....are you him? just wondering.


2008-03-05 14:13:36

Thanks Dumass ^^


2008-03-05 18:54:36

I don't use msn.
Couldn't you just email me regulary?

dumassstudios responds:

or just PM


2008-03-07 19:16:58

dude add me as your portal buddy.


2008-03-08 11:34:47

I'll do voice acting if you want


2008-03-13 07:33:00

So when we getting the script?

dumassstudios responds:

when I do it


2008-03-15 11:42:38

hay can i do some voice acting

dumassstudios responds:



2008-03-19 17:08:33

It's been some time.
You done yet?

dumassstudios responds:

as I said i wont be done for awhile, maybe may


2008-03-19 23:55:47

I may be interested in voice acting. Check the one submission on my page, for an example of mine voice. Keep in touch.

dumassstudios responds:



2008-09-27 16:12:34

i have high quality mics! just send a little letter if you need anything;D