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Newgrounds changed again..

2012-02-10 19:07:56 by dumassstudios

I haven't been here in awhile so I don't know when the change was but not bad, not bad at all.

Newgrounds changed again..

New account and such

2010-09-30 03:55:27 by dumassstudios

I made a new account because I might start contributing again to newgrounds and I hate the name of this one.

find it here -


Alright, Obviously I have probably been forgot somewhere in these past few years but if you remember slightly I am that guy who made the shitty clay movies with little 11 year old girly voices, ring a bell?

Well, I got myself a life and kind of left newgrounds for a bit, now I am back sort of, I really want to make a new clay film (due to me having no talent what so ever with flash) so I'm just thinking of ideas

I wont make anything big and long with voices and such, maybe just a "death fucking kill guns and shit" movie like I used to. So I might do that when I can be bothered, until then... HEY

Picture - The other night at the Bring Me The Horizon gig, I crowd surfed :D

Hello there - I'm back, kind of

well i have been really bored lately so made a forumspring and tumblr ce

so ask me anything, follow me or whatever, i might make some more submissions soon if i can be bothered :D

heres a lulz pic of bring me the horizon

i have forumspring and tumblr and shit

Ohai thar

uhhm i havent been on newgrounds lately and havent made an submissions because i found out, wow i have a life, buut when im bored i might make another claymation that wont have me sounding like a 12 year old douchebag, now i will sound like a 15 year old douchebag

i have a small idea if i ever make one, so if you actually ever enjoyed anything by me, well be sure to check it out when its here

le fin

btw heres something fortehlulz ^_^

random shit blahdy blah blah


2009-09-05 08:15:20 by dumassstudios

Hey guys, Me and my mate made a youtube awhile ago and took all our videos off and we are starting again, our first video is just something I made up real quick,

Check it out
Our Channel

Please just support us and check it out and subscribe, thanks


Sup Yall, Just checking in

2009-06-17 03:37:10 by dumassstudios

Okay, I was bored so I just went on newgrounds for some reason and started reading my old posts. Some of these are a pisser. I was a fucking immature little fuck then. Like my little bitch fight with my mate Mick. Oh my god I so remember that.

Anyway, MY NEWS

First off, no I most likely wont make any claymations anymore, i dunno i might submit something if im bored but I wont put any money into them. Because I threw out all my clay.

Secondly, I bought an iPhone in February, aaaannnndd now they are bringing out a new one in like 2 days. FUCK
Oh well I must go update to 3.0 soon.

Also this is a useless post because I'm trying to do the shit i used to do.

blah blah blahcatfish


heres a picture of a kids party magician that looks like colonel sanders from KFC

Sup Yall, Just checking in

Youtube Videos

2009-04-18 09:00:33 by dumassstudios

Hey guys, me and my mate have made a youtube channel where we will start making videos like parodys and short films. We only have a few videos on but we will make better ones so if you could check it out and subscribe we would appreciate the support we get so we can keep going. So check it out at this link -

Thanks and we hope you enjoy our videos and future ones to come.

This china thing is PISSING ME OFF

2009-04-02 02:07:48 by dumassstudios

I know its probably an april fools joke but it is really shitting me

This china thing is PISSING ME OFF

Merry Xmas

2008-12-24 15:21:51 by dumassstudios

bye :)